Educating, Engaging, Inspiring…
Every Child.

our students Fall 2022
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Our students benefit from the personalized attention of our dedicated and loving teachers.
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We pride ourselves in the warm environment of our school. A place where children will truly feel at home.
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The learning and atmosphere is infused with excitement. Nachlas Bais Yaakov is a great place to be!

About Nachlas Bais Yaakov

Welcome to Nachlas Bais Yaakov. Nachlas Bais Yaakov was established on the foundations of our mesorah and provides the highest standard of chinuch to our students. We strive to nurture the intellectual, spiritual and emotional growth of each student by educating, engaging, and inspiring every child, every day.

Nurtured Each Day at Nachlas Bais Yaakov

“The warm atmosphere in Nachlas Bais Yaakov brings out the best in the girls and the staff, and enhances every part of the learning process. The hanhala’s focus is on helping every girl succeed and feel pride in her success, and this sets the stage for a lifelong love of learning.”