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Dinner 2020

Our Fifth Annual Dinner


On Sunday, January 12, Nachlas Bais Yaakov held an exclusive Grandparent Event at a Pre-Dinner Reception in K’Hal Bnei Avrohom Yaakov in Brooklyn. Grandparents, friends and supporters of the school seized the opportunity to show their appreciation and support of the school’s vision in a venue that was closer to home than the upcoming 5th Annual Dinner, which is scheduled to take place in Lakewood’s Neemas HaChaim Hall on January 22.

Guests at the Reception were joined by Mr. and Mrs. Chaim and Judy Frenkel, who will be honored with the Ateres Zekainim Award at the Dinner. The audience was addressed by Mr. Frenkel, as well as by the guest speaker, the esteemed HaRav Yosef Eisen shlit”a. Both are NBY grandparents who share the Nachlas vision of Chinuch al Taharas HaKodesh, academic excellence, and love for every child. The event also featured a video presentation entitled “A Day at Nachlas Bais Yaakov.” As attendees left with their gifts, it was apparent that the vision goes back a generation.


Wednesday, January 22, saw friends and supporters of Nachlas Bais Yaakov filling the Neemas HaChaim Hall to show their appreciation and support of the school at the 5th Annual Dinner that evening.

The Dinner marked half a decade of stellar Chinuch, during which time the Nachlas vision has unfolded in full color. Nachlas Bais Yaakov has become known as an institution that imbues its students with a love of Torah and Yiddishkeit along with the highest standards of academic achievement and skill; Hanhala, parents and friends gathered to share this vision, looking back and looking forward, and express gratitude for the success with which Hashem Yisbarach has blessed the school in this short time.

Attendees were invited to experience Nachlas with a life-sized video display of classes in action. Later in the evening, the guests were addressed by the esteemed Rav Elya Brudny, shlit”a, who inspired the audience with his timely remarks.

Tribute was paid to three sets of parents and grandparents who share the school’s vision and stand behind its values. Mr. and Mrs. Chaim and Judy Frenkel, grandparents in the school, accepted the Ateres Zekainim award for their dedication to the Chinuch of the next generation. Rabbi and Mrs. Dovi and Faigy Rabinowitz were honored with the Amud HaTorah award, a fitting honor for a couple that has made Torah the central focus of their lives. Mr. and Mrs. Moishy and Mindy Spitz were singled out for the distinction of Amud HaChessed, a title that reflects their devotion to the school as well as to community causes.