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About Us

Interview with Mrs. Smith, Menaheles


My motto is “עבדו את ה’ בשמחה .” A calm and happy child is open to the learning process. In this environment, our talmidos are comfortable asking questions and are always looking to explore and discover. We hope they will carry this attitude through their years of school, and in life.


I believe that the best way to teach is by example. To this end, we’ve hand-picked our teachers for what they have to offer as role models. The next step is choosing age-appropriate skills and bringing them down to the students’ level, which we do through interactive puppet shows and role-play. We aim to relate to each girl’s innate self-worth, and instill the understanding that they are daughters of the King, Hashem. Growth in middos is so much more than “that’s not the way we speak,” when we focus on the positive act of building personalities.


My vision for our girls is their development into happy, well-adjusted young women who are prepared for high school and life. Every aspect of the curriculum is designed to lead to the mastery of academic skills like chumash, kriah, reading comprehension, analytical skills, and written expression. Even more, we want the girls to develop the desire and the confidence to succeed, in the classroom and out.

Our students

From the Desk of Rabbi Yanky Robinson, Founder

R' Robinson

When Rabbi Yanky Robinson saw an opportunity to make a mark on the chinuch of Lakewood’s girls, he saw the need, created by a burgeoning student population not just as a call, but as a calling.

We set out to create an outstanding mosad of chinuch with the strong Torah values that are the hallmark of our community’s institutions. It is my belief that in the warm and loving environment that Mrs. Smith and the teachers have created, every girl can thrive.

The staff understands the needs and challenges unique to each child, and works to bring out each one’s strengths and capabilities. When the students recognize their own abilities, begin to think for themselves and develop at their own pace, we know that with Hashem’s help our efforts are bearing fruit.

We are proud of the experience that our teachers bring with them; the growing pains that are always expected in a new school have been mitigated by their tireless devotion to the school and our girls. In Nachlas Bais Yaakov, we’re focused on what’s really important: What we can do for each child.

Vaad Hachinuch

HaRav Elya Brudny, שליט”א


What Are They Saying?

“Seeing Chani go and come each day with such happiness and excitement is a real pleasure. The hanhala and moros make her feel so special and loved”

– Mrs. Mati Menchel, Parent

“I like coming to school because I love doing projects and learning.  Mrs. Smith takes care of me.”

– Chani, Student

“When the girls come to school, they are coming to a home away from home; they feel that the hanhala, and their friends, are family.”

– Morah Roizy Rubnitz
A student enjoying school